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Why WD?

Why is World Directory important? The answer is simple, WD helps people find what they are seeking. When people want to find a local electrician, security officers, plumbers or a dentist, they will often find the business that meets their needs while browsing a list of businesses in a local business directory. In the past people used to pick up heavy telephone or directory books to look for businesses but now they use Internet directories.

A key benefit of a business directory listing is that it will increase your website's exposure to a larger demographic.

Following are TOP 10 reasons why you should list your business with World Directory:


Get Found Online

If your business is not in the directory, it will not come up in google unless on first page.


No Website, No Problem

World Directory will build a complete website for you so that people can learn about your products and services. Having a website is one of the most effective and easiast ways to help people find your business. In order to get the most out of our business directory listing, make sure that you include all the information visitors are seeking such as your location, contact information and a clear description of your products or services.


Google Recognition

It's difficult to be recognized by Google and to be placed high in the organic search rankings unless you are paying for search engine optimisation or google Adwords. Being listed in a World Directory can help immensely. By being listed, Google will see a link from the World Directory to your website, this is called a backlink, and it will make your website appear more credible to Google compared to your competitors. World directory listings will create a new and valid inbound link to your website. Increased links results in increased page ranking for your website.


Customer Trust

Your business directory listing also adds legitimacy to your website. In a general Internet search, there is little difference between the sites that are displayed on the results page. When someone uses a directory, their perception of the listed companies is that they are professional and recommended


Targeted Traffic

It increases the number of people who are able to find your business and its products or services. These are considered qualified customers simply because they are looking specifically for something you offer and that's why they performed a search based on your industry, service or product. This is just one more way to increase visibility to humans and search engines alike.In the world of Online Advertising (or any other form of advertising really), the simple rule is "the more exposure, the merrier"


Marketing at Low Budget

If you have a very small marketing budget, the World Directory listing is a perfect place to start. You can get a free listing just by spending a few minutes to fill out your business information. An enhanced listing will get more benefits. It increases traffic, at a minimum cost, and increases sales at the optimum.


Engage Clients

An SEO enhanced listing and added graphics or features such as an interactive map, promotions of products or services (Slides) will attract more customers. The minor cost is worthwhile because potential clients tend to be drawn to colourful listings that make it easy for them to determine what you sell and how to reach you. The added additional text allows you to use your main targeted keywords which will help internet users to find you a lot more easily.


Control Over Your Business

In addition to the value for money, there is also the added benefit of being able to make changes to your listing as often as you like. So you are not stuck with paying for an advertisement that contains wrong information, as opposed to traditional print media. World Directory makes it easy for you and puts you in control so you don't have to pay hefty bills of designers and developers OR simply drop us a line and we can make the changes for you, you don't have to be technical. We look after your business and you look after your customers.


Save Money

Being an enhanced listing customer of World Directory, you could actually save more money, rather than spend money. For example, printing material (such as business cards, flyers, quotation books etc.) can be provided by World Directory and delivered Australia wide at cost price. Graphic design of your printing material is also included. Domain and Hosting is included also by World Directory which saves you an extra $200 / year. Check our packages here


Branding & Social Media Marketing

Not only will World Directory design and develop a complete website for you, it also includes Logo design and stationery design. In addition Facebook and Twitter pages will also be designed for you.

You can achieve all these benefits by taking the first step to list your business for FREE with World Directory. Maximise your web presence by listing and let us promote and advertise your listing globally over the internet.

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