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Why Choose Us

Choosing World Directory to market and present your business and services, is the best option to opt for. World Directory comes with a simple philosophy and that is to increase the online visibility of our clients. This feature is incorporated within every point of our website and that is to make our clients reachable and accessible to their target markets. Of the many benefits of, World Directory is the right choice because of,

-Exclusivity for Australian Businesses
-Maximum Visibility for your business
-Contact details allow for many sales conversions
-Maps and Directions
-Opening and Closing hours visible
-Linkage with your website for fast access
-Mobile and Tablet friendly website
-Creation of a Featured Listing module that allows your website to stand out from the   rest
-Mini-Website feature for companies who do not own a website
-Display of products and services on the Mini-Website to showcase a glimpse of your business activities

These along with many more elements add in to give the most efficient and effective package to online business users and companies. This unique platform helps to promote your business, your products, and services. Our long-term goal is to utilise our services for the benefit of our clientele. We aim to bring maximum visits and sales to their websites in the shortest time along with providing them with a long-term services spectrum.

Current Activity at WD

  • New business listing:Ethen Austine (Australia)

  • New business listing:Ocean Keys (Australia)

  • New business listing:Oxair (Australia)

  • New business listing:Kevin Madex (Australia)

  • New business listing:Jack Smith (Australia)