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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of World Directory is set out to explain how we collect, use and secure your personal and business information of any person or business that registers with us. We work under the Australian Privacy Acct and continue to provide a secure system for you to operate in:

1.    Personal Information:

a.    All the information that we take including your name, address, email, telephone number is your personal information. This information will be kept confidential unless it comes under your business listing and is Public to anyone who views it including third parties.
b.    We do not share your information without your consent.
c.    We may require for some information from you and we have the right to decline you services if you fail to provide that information
d.    You can opt out of our subscriptions any time by sending us an email.
e.    We can share your personal information as required by Law or Court Orders
2.    Use and Sharing Information:
a.    We can use the information provided by you for,
i.    Our day-to-day operations
ii.    Improve our services
iii.    Inform you of related products or services
iv.    Inform you of any changes required in the information provided
v.    Respond to any queries or feedback
vi.    Understanding your requirements and wants
vii.    Prevention of any misuse or fraudulent activities on any website
viii.    Maintain our business ethos
3.    Cookies:
a.    Information gathered on legal grounds is of commercial value to us as it helps us to align the best possible results for your queries.
b.    We use cookies to monitor and track user traffic patterns. Cookie is a small data file that many websites write to your hard drive when you land on their page. A cookie only carries the personal information that you supply by yourself. It cannot read your personal data on your hard disk.

4.    Advertisements:
a.    We may use online advertisements of third parties on our website. World Directory will not be responsible for any fraudulent act by the third party.
5.    Security:
a.    We aim at keeping your personal information safe; however we cannot warrant the security of information over the internet. World directory cannot insure you in case of information theft by other parties.
6.    Email:
a.    On registering with us, you are agreeing to receiving emails from our related companies and or third parties. You can opt out of receiving these emails at any time.
7.    Changes to Policy:
a.    This policy is subject to change at any time or duration.

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