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1.    Who is World Directory?

a.    World Directory is site that helps you to list your business and make it as much visible as possible on the online medium.
2.    What can World Directory do to help my Business?
a.    Our pages can help your business by allowing search engines to find your business easily. We help you with improving and monitoring your listing which means easy accessibility and more business for you!
3.    How do I add my Business Listing to World Directory Pages?
a.    Using World Directory is very easy. All you have to do is submit your business to WD and add in your Company name, phone number along with other details. You can edit your business if it already exists.
4.    Can I share the Business Listing found of World Directory?
a.    Yes, you can share your listing by going to the Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus Icon on our page
5.    What are cookies?
a.    Cookies are data transmitters that contain information on traffic patterns. We use this for our commercial use only.
6.    Will my personal information be used by third parties?
a.    Your information will stay confidential unless you have agreed to share your information with any other party. Nothing will be shared without your consent.
7.    Are the Advertisements on your website for and by World Directory?
a.    No, most of the advertisements are directed by third parties.
8.    Are the websites leading from the advertisements safe?
a.    We do aim to provide complete protection to our clients. However, any fraudulent activity on part of the third party will not result in damages from World Directory. You are completely responsible for all damages occurred
9.    Can I change my General listing information if it is incorrect?
a.    Yes, you can update or change any information posted by you on your business listing.
10.    Can I opt out of the subscribed emails?
a.    Yes you can by simply sending us an email

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