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Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for World Directory states that our clients have the right to cancel the contract with us within seven business days of the initial submission date of the contract at zero cost to our clients. World Directory reserves the rights to delay, postpone or reschedule any publication if they deem it improper or unethical for display. In such a case, World Directory will not be penalized or provide funds to our clients. If you require a particular listing to be removed from World Directory, you can contact us via email or call and request an immediate cancellation of your listing. Once our representatives receive your cancellation request email, World Directory will not bill you again. However, if you want your listing to be removed before your prepaid annual term is ending, World Directory will not refund you any proportion of your paid fee. 

Secure Ordering & Payment:
World Directory caters to every precaution to ensure a safe and error free transaction experience for our clients. The following rules apply for World Directory's Payment system. 
1. Method of Payment: World Directory accepts Payments via Credit cards including MasterCard and VISA
2. Billing accuracy is maintained and ensured by an automated process
3. All credit card information gathered during the registration and payment process will not be outsourced or retained for any other purpose
4. You can track your payment via your tracking number or by emailing us
5. World Directory aims at maintaining a complete and secure system to ensure that our clients get maximum on line security with exceptional customer services and support. 
6. Any cases of Fraud or misrepresentation are considered a serious offence. In such a scenario, World Directory will take serious steps of disciplinary actions against the person or firm conducting this act. 

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