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Tree sniping is one of the most popular services we offer at The Tree Fellas, all year round. But during winter our Auckland arborists find themselves busier than ever. That is why, the frequency and harshness of winter snowstorm can source damage to trees both on the street and private property. 

Tree Cutting should always be attempt by professionals following storm damage, as special responsibility is needed. Safety is one of our first burden that when're called for tree shape following storm inflicted damage. Otherwise they will stand a serious safety risk. 
We are Expert in tree pruning methods to make sure that damage is minimized when cutting these branches.Because the last thing we want is to hurt or kill the tree. To find the best place for a tree shearing cut our experts look for the ''branch crust hill'' on the upper external of the branch with the supporting stem.

The Tree Fellas was settled by Peter Hanighan in 1991 over the years many aspects of horticulture have been part of the services offered. Tree fellas main aim is to Provide Workman ship of the highest caliber for the care of gardens and trees. 

We are great, friendly and expert in tree surgery firm based in eye Suffolk. Our Experts have a long years' experience, and can supply for all your horticultural needs. Our New & latest machines that can help for tree surgery. The Tree Fellas is fully insured firm and our employers are well qualified and under the guidelines set by the governing body. 
Our staff has minimum 1 years' international experience in New Zealand and recently working in Australia. There is a long list of our happy customers includes private and commercial schools, properties, body corporate, golf courses, local body councils and rest homes.  

We have the expertise, tools, and experience to boost our clients in eliminating trees, including dead, dying, and hazardous ones. The Tree Fellas is providing different services to their customers such as section dismantling, tree felling, crown thinning and lifting, Reducing, Pol larding, stump Grinding, Site and Garden Clearness, Hedge reducing and trimming, woods splitting and firewood, Landscaping, tree removing and stump grinding, Tree Pruning, Tree planting and much apply, palm cleaning, Root Excavation and Mapping, Root Pruning. 

Our Professional staff is Providing Removal of dead wood, Canopy thinning, Canopy reduction, Branch weight Reducing, Formative Pruning, crown renewal, canopy lifting, increase fruit yield, palm pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Reports/Consultation. We take Pride to giving Hedge Trimming, Stump Grinding, Bamboo Removal, Site Clearing, Branch Chipping, Mulch Sales, Landscaping, Wood Splitting and fire wood, Hedge Reducing and trimming, site and garden clearness, crown thrilling and lifting, Section dismantling.

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